REVIEW Gary Power Hannah and Khalan Wright

My husband and I decided to use Once Upon a Wedding Photography for our special day and what can I say Gary is Talented, patient, creative and has an amazing eye for detail. Right from the outset we knew Gary was going to be great. He was very responsive to emails and organised a fantastic pre wedding shoot that was so helpful in getting to know one another and the style we liked. In the pre wedding shoot he recreated the moment we got engaged which was in Lapland, considering it was the middle of July most would think this would be a challenge but not for Gary, he even organised a snow machine and the pictures look fantastic. Prior to the wedding Gary was very consciences of what pictures we wanted of who, he ensured this was all organised beforehand so everything ran smoothly on the day. When our big day arrived Gary and Polly made us feel so relaxed and we almost forgot they were there! Gary was great thinking of ideas for pictures and group shots and captured some really special, natural moments. He's funny, quirky, and is still very professional. His creativity really shines when he is in his element. He's fun and engaging and worked really well with our videographer. Polly did a great job of making sure everyone was at ease and relaxed, she also ensured we were all standing right and looking sharp, buttons done up and shirts tucked in. Our photos turned out better than we could have ever hoped! Gary captured every single moment and detail of our big day perfectly. We have so many great shots from our wedding - I don't think there is a single photo we don’t love. After the wedding we arranged to view the pictures at my mum’s house where the wedding reception was held, we sat outside to watch a video on the projector. It showed the top 100 pictures which were fantastic and it was so lovely to relive the moments where it all began. He created a fantastic movie of our wedding story and even put some pictures of the church rehearsal and honey moon in there, it was very personal to us and the time and effort gone in to create this was immense. Furthermore, Gary created a vinyl of our first dance along with a cover in a beautiful frame, this is such a fantastic idea and I would recommend it to anyone, you can even play the vinyl! I can't say enough great things about Gary and Polly. I am so happy to have had them at our wedding. If photos are something important to you and you want to be amazed, defiantly ask Gary to be your photographer. There is not even a slight chance that you regret the decision you made. He will be the first person I call for christening, maternity or family photos too. You will not be disappointed with Once Upon a Wedding Photography, they provided us with a memorable experience, lots of beautiful photos and two new lovely friends, they definitely stood out as one of the main parts to our day and we cannot thank them enough.


Alex and India Bailhache


This is a long overdue thank you for our wonderful personalized, bespoke wedding album. It has taken pride of place in our home and will never be stored away-it is a piece of art in itself. Thank you so much to both Gary and Polly for capturing our special day


Elliot and Tasha Le Feuvre


Aah i love it all !!!! Thank you so much 😊 i love the usb bottle, i love the book and i love love love all the pictures in it!! 😊 havent look through ALL of them but we will xx


Jade and Tom Hutchinson


I'm so happy with them all Gary,... I was quite emotional looking at them all if I'm honest,... You have made our memories come to life and I couldn't be happier xxx


Kate Alexandra Winder


2 years ago my husband and I walked in the wedding fair at the trinity show grounds, completely oblivious and not knowing a shred of what we wanted or what was even on offer. One of the first tables we came across was Once Upon a Wedding, with Gary Power. If you've ever met Gary, you'll know he's this dazzling, tall, bear of a fellow and straight away we felt like here was a person who was taking an actual interest as us, as a couple and not us, as a date in a calendar. 
We stopped and chatted for a while, Gary showed us his prints which were exactly the mix between traditional and ethereal we were looking for, without even knowing it. The next thing we noticed were the beautiful, fairy tale wedding albums on his table. Each book is hand crafted by an artist in Ireland, so not only is it hand made, its hand made for you.
We weren't deliberately looking for different, but we found that when we found it, it suited us and thus our journey with this incredible photographer began over a 2 year stretch.

Believe me when I tell you that Gary is hands down absolutely. Every. Single. Thing that I could have possibly wanted or needed in a photographer. He is so very kind, he is interested in you and your story, he is beyond flexible to your needs, he understands that everyone is different and he celebrates that! His talent is also...oh, it's just beyond words.
If you've seen his work, you'll understand. He coaxes beauty from everyday things and turns it into something magical.

What I loved about working with Gary is that he just got it and he got me. I'm probably not easy to work with, im kinda introverted and socially awks, so it was so important to me that I feel comfortable, and Gary just does that. His presence is calming and professional and he just knows how to make it work. That is a very special talent.

We had a pre-wedding shoot that was an homage to our love of fantasy games and fiction and in most people's eyes that might be kinda lame, but Gary just ran with it!! And it was so much fun! Even (especially) for introverted me.

Come our wedding day, the unshakeable team of Gary and Polly Power (what a name!!) were a quiet force of professionalism, knowing exactly what they needed and keeping us on schedule! (We would have been sooo late without you guys hahaha).
We look back on the pictures now and I see the love that's been captured instead of just pretty smiles (of which there are plenty anyway). Every single kind of picture I could have wanted, I have, and every kind of picture I didn't know I wanted, I have. I can look back through my beautifully crafted, hand-made, fairy tale wedding book and I can smile one moment and burst out laughing the next.

Gary; thank you. You're the gift I didn't think to ask for but was somehow lucky enough to get.

As for my recommendation for photographer.


Bean Lebouc‎  Once upon a wedding photography

Highly recommend Once Upon A Weddings services! Amazing and beautiful photography and just great people in general!!! Thank you Gary Power for capturing me and Arisha Lebouc wedding so beautifully!!!


Sarah and David Conlon

Gary & Polly were great and helped us make our day as special as it could be. All photos from our pre-wedding shoot to the sunset on our wedding day were fantastic and we cannot thank them enough. They gave invaluable input on how they could take the best photos possible and assisted in organizing all our guests to get the desired shots. They assisted throughout the day and added some special individual touches to our day make it more personal to us. We cannot thank them enough and we would have no hesitation it recommending them and they are fantastic photographers and loveliest people you could meet.

Amy Skelhorn recommends 
Once upon a wedding photography.

22 June at 18:04 · 

Absolutely amazing! Gary and Polly do an amazing job, they make you feel so comfortable to be in front of the camera and make sure everything’s perfect. The photos turn out amazing and I cannot wait to see the rest! Thank you for everything yesterday!


Colin and Lisa Cousins

Well what can we say, we have just spent last two hours going through all the images, totally blown away, we have cried, we have laughed, with lots of ahhs throw in the mix too, Gary we can’t thank you enough, the pictures are fantastic xxxx